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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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at jer on fnc. thank you for watching. i am paul gigot. we hope to see you here next week. >> central u.s. really from another round of severe weather. at least two people killed. dozens injured after trento slammed the town of el reno and oklahoma. 25 miles west of oklahoma city. millions under threats for more dangerous storms during this memorial day holiday weekend. welcome to bring our of "america's news headquarters" i am arthel neville. >> i am mike emanuel for eric shawn. there been eight consecutive days of twisters in the nations midsection with 251 tornadoes reported since friday, may 17. at least nine people have been killed. two texan arena at a mobile home park where search and rescue efforts are still underway.
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governor calling in saying he hopes the worst is over.>> a tremendous widespread damage over our farmland. some of the communities, with the monitoring some of the dams along the river also. with the dam system we've been monitoring. we have the national guard out walking the levees. make sure they are fine.and is just unbelievable. we are hoping and praying the rain will stop and it will crest finally today. and get to the upside of this. mike: fox team coverage.adam klotz is tracking this in extreme weather center. but we start with jeff paul live in el reno with the latest there. reporter: hi, mike. the weather service is confirming that not only was it a tornado but a powerful ef3 trainer the touchdown here in el reno, oklahoma. this is during the same week where this region, the entire
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region has experienced devastating flooding. to take a look to the side we will start here so you can really get an idea how powerful the tornado was. it was a car dealership right there. you can see was maybe a billboard or sign that was smashed down to some of the brand-new cars and trucks for sale. as you move over you can see some of the workers out here. that is a motel. american budget value inn or it was at least for this were officials believe the tornado had the most impact. sort of where it had that direct hit and is move a little bit further over this is the image that timmy is the most powerful one. this is the second story, this was two stories. look at some parts of this, it doesn't look like it anymore. the whole second floor pretty much just rips right off the top by the tornado. beyond that, that is the rv park. you can't really see right now because there's so many crews trying to get folks back on their feet but the rv park,
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that is where two people died during the devastated tornado. some of the folks who live through the storm say it happened very quick. there was some strong wind, some rain and then the tornado. i got an alert on your phone but it was so fast by the time the sirens started, the tenet was all way over. listen to how one child who lived through the storm describes what it was like. >> i was in a chair at the time, i fell back in it. when we got up the whole house was open there was no way to get out they had to punch a hole in the wall for us to get out. reporter: when-- what is incredible, we show the devastation but if you look behind you, this is really what says a lot is the human spirit. it has not even been 24 hours and they are getting powerlines back up, their cleaning things off the road. i would be surprised if this is back open tomorrow. meanwhile in missouri, a much different story up there. devastation, they continue to
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try to work their way out of that situation. that is were also, another tornado ripped through the area, jefferson city. the capitol there in missouri. it is on top of the flooding that the area has felt over the last few days. and this is something everyone will be watching because the forecast, and we will touch more on this but everyone is sort of bracing and hoping there isn't too much rain in the forecast because they are trying to dry up. they're trying to rebuild and get back to a sense of normalcy before unfortunately, maybe the next storm rolls through. mike? mike: jeff paul from el reno, oklahoma with some really staggering visuals. thanks a lot. arthel: now conditions, adam klotz addresses from the fox extreme weather center with more details. adam: hey, there, arthel. we are lining up for another day, and every afternoon and evening even overnight hours of severe weather. this is a severe threat from the national weather service. you have this deep red, that is a moderate risk of severe weather.
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tornadoes likely with the system. we'll get big thunderstorms that lead with heavy rain across portions of northern texas. up into western oklahoma and western kansas. maybe more so in kansas.then it will eventuallydrift off . hail and wind up to 60 miles an hour. that is if you avoid actual tornado. we do see a highlighted area across western kansas where there is a very high risk from now into the overnight hours that we see some more tornadic activity. we've not seen any just yet but there is a large area under a tornado watch was maisie ingredients are already in place. it is still early enough, we're getting daytime heating and we are seeing some of the severe cells fire up. it will only intensify the next couple of hours into the overnight. it takes the daytime heating for these to really get going. you typically don't see in the morning peter takes afternoon and evening before i can wind down overnight. either way we're talking about heavy rain with this even if you're dodging tornadoes. a wide area under a flood watch
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and warning. stretching across oklahoma into kansas and missouri. then all of this obviously working down to further south areas that desperately need a break from the rain to the north just not happening. here is a set up forcing all of the spirit of upper level wind that have not moved in days. a lot of very hot air in the southeast. if you are there you know how hot it is. it kind of holding the upper level winds where they are. i can take you from the set up today into tomorrow. we'll continue to get these rounds of showers right along the boundary i'm showing you. good news, as we start to think about tomorrow, a little less chance of severe storms. but still an area where we will see at least some heavy rain. it shifts a little more from portions of the planes that we have been seeing. shifting the further to the north. across the northern plains into the midwest. there is at least a risk of some severe weather, more rain on the way. otherwise, it will be hot in the eastern half of the country. here's what folks are looking like for memorial day. i said it was being driven by
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some of the heat. 95 degrees in atlanta tomorrow, southeast has been brutally warm the last couple of days. this is all part of the same system making all of this happen. those are record-breaking hemorrhages. unfortunately, that stays in place for folks across the plains and midwest continued to see rain tomorrow. likely tomorrow and the next couple of days also. arthel: still in the danger zone, adam klotz, thank you for the weather update. mike: calls rampaging president trump are growing louder with some of the democratic party. this after a week of tense back-and-forth between the president and house speaker, nancy pelosi present house democrats also looking to take action against attorney general, william barr. after he refused to testify before a house hearing earlier this month. garrett tenney has more from washington. reporter: top democrats said they just don't trust the attorney general anymore. especially when it comes to his ongoing review of how the trump-russia probe began. there's a lot of concern that bill barr now has the authority to release any classified
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informationhe sees fit . and could mislead the public by selectively releasing information from his review. here is congressman eric swalwell on "fox news sunday". chris what concerns me about the order by the president is that he is asking our intelligence community to essentially not do their job we are asking them to do. reporter: speaker pelosi also deal with growing division in her own party over impeachment. the competing sides of that debate were laid out this morning on meet the press. >> we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on a potentially out-of-control executive branch. we will not overreach, we will not over investigate. we will not over politicize that responsibility. >> i can say is one of those matters of congress, the traditional congressional oversight process is not working. this is going to be a president that we don't hold them accountable to the rule of law and the united states constitution. reporter: on "fox news sunday", senator lindsey graham said impeachment would be political
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suicide for democrats. here's a present to fight investigations by jerry nadler. >> what nadler is doing is try to destroy the president and his family. if i were the president, i would fight back against this political revenge coming out of the house. reporter: graham also says he's disappointed no democrats of come out in support of looking to the origins of the trump-russia probe the same way he and other republicans defended and supported the special counsel investigation . even while the present was attacking it. garrett tenney, fox news. mike: garrett tenney reporting, arthel? arthel: journey man, stephen nelson, has reported for washington examiner. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. arthel: absolute. political calculus is everything pretty impeachment would more than likely increase the presence odds at winning reelection plus the democratic lighthouse will not get enough support in the republican-led senate to sign off on impeachment. and that will be the end of that. if i hear senator lindsey graham on the topic on "fox
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news sunday" today. let's listen. >> nancy pelosi is riding a bucking bronco called the democratic caucus. 75 percent of the base was president trump impeached patient is impeachment would be political suicide. because there is no reason to impeach the president. so she's trying to keep the party intact which she goes down the impeachment road, republicans take back the house, keep the senate. president trump gets reelected for her job is very much at risk. arthel: meanwhile, speaker pelosi is maintained beginning proceedings is premature. so can she coalesce her caucus and also, how much is the president daring the speaker to impeach him? >> certainly seems to be a fight that president trump is more eager for the nancy pelosi is. the conventional wisdom of course, is that this will hurt democrats politically. people look back to 1988 where there was political talk about impeaching bill clinton.and
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the approval ratings rose and democrats had mild gains in elections that year. of course it is an imperfect analogy. the debate about impeachment was before the election, bill clinton wasn't actually impeached, they weren't proceedings until after the election. in republican losses were not that significant. it is a complicated analysis but certainly nancy pelosi doesn't want to have the fight right now. many members of her party do. arthel: can she keep the members of her party on one page? >> you know, it remains to be seen. and of course there are different players here. it's interesting. there been two flotsam impeaching the president in the house already. there is a vote in december 2017 and another one in january 2018. 66 democrats voted for president trump to be impeached last time. one of them i reached out to recently, frederica wilson. she says she doesn't believe this is the right time pointed to happen with clinton's approval ratings going up and expressing concern it would
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happen again. it is unclear that there is enough members of the democratic caucus to force her hand right now. arthel: let's go to japan. 4:35 am local time. in a tweet president trump blasted friday's decision by federal judge, he would gilliam who issued a preliminary injunction that would prevent the president from using $1 billion and reallocated defense department funds to build a border wall specifically in texas. the judge ruled that quote - irreparable harm would result if the administration were to allow this to proceed while a case is challenged the legality of the actions with still pending. as you know this referring to the president attempt to declare a national emergency earlier this year to use pentagon funds without the approval of congress. in fact, here is republican congressman from arizona, andy biggs, on what he calls a
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border meltdown. listen. >> you applicant over 300,000 but you're letting half of them into the country. because we simply have no place to keep them. pending court hearings to process asylum claims. so this is just basically a meltdown on the border. arthel: how long will partisan ship prevent the wall preventing the reform? >> before this came out there was in a flattering article for reflecting despite the giant political debate over the shutdown and national emergency and president trump ultimately providing funding for the wall, $1.5 billion only provided vote two miles of additional fencing. it is not entirely the judge's fault here. preventing that of course the president is going to rail against it. there definitely is a surge in illegal immigration. the border control card twice as many people as the preceding year in the first part. the big front in the battle
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will be regulations. we just days ago heard that ken cuccinelli will be taking over the agency which deals with asylum. white house has been fairly vocal in saying that they want more regulations to come out of that particular agency in their mind, turn off the factors for people, trying to seek asylum. arthel: i mean, such a conundrum. and we still do not know if we or any closer to solving this problem in a bipartisan way. steven nelson, white house reporter for the washington examiner, you and i will continue to talk about this very topic. thank you. >> thank you. mike: after a fierce war of words between the president and nancy pelosi, is there still any room for compromise in washington? more ahead.
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event in dayton. the city spent $650,000 for security. streets are blocked off with large trucks and police officers from neighboring towns brought in to help card control. no arrests were made. no one was injured. >> i walked into the room and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure. but you know what? you can't do it under the circumstances so get these phony investigations over with. mike: that is president trump giving house democrats in ultimatum. refusing to work with legislation unless they drop all investigations into his administration. house speaker nancy pelosi saying her caucus will continue to work on infrastructure bill despite the stalemate. meanwhile both house and senate continue to pass bills that seemingly go nowhere.
1:20 pm
of the 420 bills in the house or senate has passed so far this year, only 18 have been signed into law. let's bring retired army colonel, chris gibson. former new york congressman, and author of rally point. good to have you. >> thanks mike, good to be with you. mike: both speaking to the bases they don't send interest in working together. both sides urgently need to get something done before the face voters in november 2020. >> that is exactly right, mike. there's a governmental and political imperative to work together. both sides posturing right now, president trump with his art of the deal approach, nancy pelosi with her partisan approach but the end of the day, there's no way the speaker will march her troops off to reelection 0 for the season prefer the present if you want to countermand, make america great again, you need a functioning government. we need a budget team. between the political and governmental imperative, they
1:21 pm
will sit down. what is key is that they had to change their approach. what they are doing is setting the stage for the big meetings. these big meetings but they have not really set the tone and got the work done first. just like with international affairs, and domestic affairs, they both need to give credit to their lieutenants and allow them to hammer it out and then come together for the meeting. mike: one item that appeared to be on the way to the presidents desk for signature, $19.1 billion disaster the package was held up by texas republican congressman. let's place explanation and i will ask you to respond. >> the rally is the people in texas and throughout the country who are tired of washington as business as usual continuing to mortgage our children's future, they want representatives to stand up and change the status quo. challenge the way people do things there. is anybody truly happy? with the way washington is working? no. we've got to change that. that is what this is about. mike: your thoughts on his
1:22 pm
argument? >> look, disaster bill will get done. they try to expedite it on unanimous consent. obviously, this congressman held it up but they will come back again. what they will do is put under regular order. the bill will pass and president trump sign it this coming week. mike: this 116th congress so for the bills of sonnets what is acceptable to people? >> is not it is underperforming to be sure anything nancy pelosi understands while both parties are at play, she holds the gavel. i think that will put pressure on her as she realizes she has to produce. i think president trump recognizes he has to produce too. i think you'll see political and governmental momentum and you will see the budget agreement. once you get the budget agreement that work toward lower hanging fruit. for example, controlling reducing drug prices. something both parties can work together and get them to ultimately if they gain
1:23 pm
confidence and trust in each other, having done the budget and drug prices, i think you can see in infrastructure bill get done before the election period. mike: with your military background to ask about the commander to send 1500 more troops to the middle east. we have a map to show exactly where they are deployed in the middle east. your thoughts on that, sir? >> look, candidate trump ran on a platform of what ending was a middle east in getting back to peace through strength strategy. i think that's the right move. i'm willing to give him some maneuver space in terms of his specifics. because the key to making deterrence work is for your potential adversary to believe that ultimately, the cost will outweigh the benefits for any action they take. and so if the president needs to send troops to shore up this situation so i ran ultimately decides it is in their best interest for this to be resolved peacefully, i think that is something we can support. spirit acting secretary of defense shanahan --
1:24 pm
>> i think so. there is cause for concern here. i understand that but i do think if deterrence is going to work has to be an understanding from the vantage point of the leadership of a rant. i think sending additional forces will make that get done. by going to greater depth in chapter 1 of rally point on how to effectuate all of this, but at this point to answer your question, i'm comfortable with these moves. mike: former, cement and former army colonel, chris gibson, we thank you for your time. >> thank you. arthel: the present wrapping update to his state visit to japan. what hot topic issues he and the prime minister discussed , up next. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress arthel: president trump wrapping update two of his visit to japan. taking in some sumo wrestling and discussing a possible trade deal with prime minister. the president also raising eyebrows about weighing in on north korea's recent missile test. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in tokyo with the latest. what is it, 5:28 am? [laughter] reporter: shaping up to be another hot and beautiful day here in tokyo. as the present begins day three of his visit. he should be awake moments from now if he is not up already. the sun has already been out an
1:30 pm
hour and and a half year. it does get up early and took a peer to big dipper the president as well because he will be the first international leader to sit down and have a meeting with the newly enthroned emperor. that will be taking place just after 9:00 tokyo time about 8:00 in the evening in new the imperial palace. he also later on this morning have a very important bilateral meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the president spent much of the day with him they took in the sumo wrestling championship. the president, first lady and the japanese prime ministers wife were all there in the audience as they watched the enormous bodies crash into each other. the president also had the honor of being the first american president to present an award to the winning sumo wrestler. -- 25 years old, weighs in at 390 pounds, won the inaugural american presidents cup.
1:31 pm
here is the president making the announcement. >> as sumo grand champion, i hereby award you the united states presidents cup. may 26 -- donna j trump, president of the united states. thank you. [cheering] reporter: so the president lifting the cup, it is 4 and a half feet tall with a big eagle on the top. it weighs more than 60 pounds so it takes a lot to lift it to the president and shinzo abe will meet again today. trade will be at the center of the agenda. the president told fox news he is going to wait until after elections in japan in july, before really pushing shinzo abe for a trader.there's a house account is like the u.s.
1:32 pm
senate.half of the counselors will be reelected in july but there's also a chance that shinzo abe mccauley snap election in the lower house. in the japanese which means there will be elections for virtually one elected and japan pretty blaze by doing that he would strengthen his position. with the liberal democratic party to gain more seats and he might be in a better position to craft a new trade deal with the united states. last night at dinner the president gave a preview of what is ahead for today's bilateral meetings. listen here. >> the prime minister and i talked today about trade. and military and various other things. i think we had a very productive day. tomorrow likewise will be a very productive day. reporter: a little white house intrigue going on. john bolton, national security advisor has been a couple of days already set on saturday, north korea 's recent firing short-range missiles into the
1:33 pm
sea of japan was a provocative act that aggregates united nations security council resolutions. however, president trump tweeting us a quote - north korea fired off some small weapons. which disturbed some of my people and others but not me. i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me. and also smile when he called swamp man joe biden a low iq individual and worse. perhaps sending a signal? the president after the bilateral meeting with shinzo abe will hold a joint press conference with him. so we may get a chance to ask the president what he means by all of that. arthel: i love the area, all right, john roberts, talk to you soon. thank you for the update. mike: meanwhile the iranian prime minister send the country would strongly defend itself against any military or economic aggression. this comes as another middle eastern nation emerges as a potential mediator between tehran and washington.
1:34 pm
tray yanks is live in jerusalem with more. reporter: mike, amid rising tensions between united states and around the country of iraq is offering to mediate a peaceful resolution between the two sides. although the war protest today in the capitol baghdad. the iraq foreign minister announced the desire to find a solution during a press campus a with a reading foreign minister. he also took the opportunity to say iraq does not believe an economic blockade is helpful. deferring to the increasing sanctions on iran. despite the talk of finding a middle ground between iran and the us. the foreign minister made clear his country is prepared for a military confrontation. >> we will defend ourselves against any efforts for a war against iran. whether does the military one or economic one. it would victimize the reigning people. and we will face it with strength and resistance. reporter: the comments come
1:35 pm
amid news that the u.s. is also preparing for the possibility of a conflict in the region and will deploy an additional 900 troops in the middle east to draw the 600 already there. experts say the troop level could increase more if iran begins to work on developing nuclear weapons but meanwhile the iranian president said they could hold a referendum or to do the countries nuclear program as rls to renegotiate parts of the nuclear deal this summer. overlooking a senior pentagon official did confirm the united states is blaming iran for attacks on oil tankers this month. intelligence reports do save united states believed it was iran behind the rocket attack in baghdad's green zone. mike: trey yingst, thank you. arthel: now we bring in the heritage foundation director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom. nice to have you. >> great to be here, thank you
1:36 pm
very much. arthel: the president of japan with the prime minister, shinzo abe. as to be expected, kim jong-un test fires a missile into the sea of japan. a big deal to japan. however, president trump in japan saying, listen, weapons test is not really a big deal. kim jong-un and i will work this out in the end. perhaps one third summit. niall, kim jong-un knows that time is running out. potentially if president trump is not elected. still, he is saying this week that he is not open to further talks until they change the position on disarmament. if president trump reading this right? and kim jong-un will agree to denuclearization? >> well first you have to say that the north korean missile test, they are big deal. and they are a direct threat to south korea and also japan as well. japanese prime minister is
1:37 pm
absolutely right to say that this was an extremely aggressive action by the north koreans. and also the national security advisor, john bolton, pointed out just a couple days ago that these tests are extremely dangerous provocations. and i think it's important the trump administration sends one united message to north korea. that these kinds of tests are absolutely unacceptable. a violation of u.s. security council resolutions. and the north korean regime has to abide by these resolutions. i have to say that so far, north korea has shown no evidence whatsoever, that they are prepared to denuclearize. and i think that the aggressive actions taken by the north korean regime in recent days and recent weeks, it has to be strongly condemned by the united states. andrew do had to see the sanctions that are in place against pyongyang applied very very aggressively by washington at this time.
1:38 pm
arthel: what more should president trump do? >> i think firstly, we need to see the u.s. sanctions in place actually implement it fully. that includes sanctions against chinese doing business with north korea. i think certainly we need to see reinstatement of allied military exercise between united states and south korea that have been postponed in recent months. we need to reverse that and exercises put back in place. we need to really have a policy of maximum pressure applied against a north korea. and we also, i think need to see tremendous pressure applied on north korea over its abysmal disgraceful and appalling human rights record. and yes pressure on this is really important. arthel: the present cannot keep playing footsie via twitter with kim jong-un peerless go to trade. what will become of that? >> i think the president is
1:39 pm
clear has been proposed going which is the right move here. there's just i think on the u.s. side to apply tariffs against japan. a very close u.s. ally. and i think at the end of the day, the tariffs really are upon american workers more so, they raise prices for u.s. consumers peers are tariffs against very close allies are extremely counterproductive. hopefully, an agreement will be made on both sides whereby tariffs are you know, throne of the window altogether to both countries. and i think the greater the level economic freedom, the greater the level of free trade between united states and japan, the better really. arthel: iraq. taking on the role of mediator trying to tamp down exploiting tensions between the u.s. and iran. criticizing by the way, crippling u.s. sanctions on iran economy. what is in it for iraq to foster a deal between tehran and washington and can iraq get
1:40 pm
the job done? >> the iraqi government in baghdad is very close to the alliance with tehran. and there's a lot of iranian pressure on baghdad. at this moment. and so, this isn't really frankly, a very helpful offer here. the fact is that denies it is applying a policy of maximum pressure against the iranian regime was just absolutely working. there regime in tehran is being forced to its knees. the iranian economy has shrunk by six percent this year and inflation is about 50 percent. on a plane about 12 percent. the sanctions are very hard. and iran has to get the message. that until it ends the support for terrorism, until it ends its ballistic missile program, until it ends the ambitions for nuclear weapons power, the u.s. pressure is going to continue. and all of this, all of these thoughts coming from tehran
1:41 pm
from the iranian regime, is extremely dangerous stuff coming from tehran. there playing with fire here. and i would hope the iranian regime exercises some caution in the coming weeks. otherwise the mistakes is going to have to deal very strongly with iran. arthel: yeah, and that is a conundrum for sure. and bad situation. basically you're saying that iraq's role mediator is -- >> iraq is not a neutral actor in this.arthel: no. we could go on but i have got to go.i've something else. nile gardiner, we will have you back here. always appreciate talking to you. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. mike: said news and world of sports. áwas the first quarterback in national football league history to win five championships. also a two-time super bowl mvp.
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and you can head to a local certified dealership to cash out or trade in. enjoy a better way to sell or trade in your car with truecar. arthel: a boulder the size of the house shuts down a colorado highway. it happened friday in the southwest part of the state between cortez -- the state transportation agency say the rockslide destroyed the pavement. lanes are now closed indefinitely. crews are working to last and remove the rock. binkley no one was hurt. mike: sunburned and smiling. that is how officials are describing the missing hiker, amanda eller found love after spending two is injured and alone in a hawaiian forest. laura ingle joins me from the new york city newsroom with more. reporter: a spokesperson of the
1:47 pm
hospital on maui where amanda was taken after being rescued, told us this afternoon that she was released late last night after being treated for a fractured leg, torn meniscus in her knee, plenty of scrapes and bruises and as you mentioned, one heck of a sunburn. she has no cell phone, water, food.even the keys to her car while lost in the jungle. she left it all behind on may 8 to have a moment with nature according to her mother. she was able to rely on some of her training as a physical therapist and yoga instructor as she tracked through miles of thick vegetation, lava rock and even endured a fall over a 20 foot cliff. that left with a fractured tibia. eller had intended to go on a short walk that day. she got disoriented after resting and taking a nap. >> the last 17 days of my life, -- there were times of fear and loss and wanting to give up and
1:48 pm
it did come down to life and death. i had to choose and i chose life. reporter: can you imagine, 17 days. and in case you're wondering, if she will take her cell phone with her next time, her mother says she will definitely bring along! spoon what a story. i can already picture book and movie deal. how did they find her? reporter: this is a week long volunteer base to search effort. the terrain very rough even for the most experienced hiker in the area. it was a private helicopter team that spotted her friday nearly 7 miles from where she started out. they'd been flying over streams and journals for almost 2 hours and just as they were about to head back, they saw her on the ground frantically waving at them. >> really emotional. an emotional roller coaster. but i think all of us are very, very happy to get off of --
1:49 pm
it's been a surreal moment i got up and had to check that all happened. reporter: it was real and they had a go fund me page to help out. mike: thank you very much. arthel: indeed. some of the other 2020 candidates in the spotlight this weekend. how are they responded to questions about their lack of experience. 'cause let's be honest... nobody likes dealing with insurance. right? see, esurance knows it's expensive. i feel like i'm giving my money away. so they're making it affordable. thank you, dennis quaid. you're welcome, guy in kitchen. i named my character walter. that's great. i'd tell you more but i only have thirty seconds so here's a dramatic shot of their tagline so you'll remember it. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
break through the crowded field with just one month to go before the first dnc primary debate. meanwhile, there are some concerns among some about some of the candidates. pete buttigieg and beto o'rourke facing tough questions about their young age being a young liability. two front runners for vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders among the oldest candidates ever to seek the oval office. mark meredith jones is not from washington. are you tell me that youth is a problem? reporter: it will be up to the voters to decide that, arthel. several 2020 democratic candidates at the use the memorial day weekend to campaign in early contest state like iowa and new hampshire. we also hear from some of the
1:54 pm
younger candidates. including the south bend maersm. pete buttigieg is 37 years old the says age should not be a concern in the race. >> i feel it would be getting these same questions if i were a member of congress. which is interesting because you can be a very senior member of congress and have never any experience managing more than hundred people. arthel: the mayor runs out the top five of the democratic candidates pretty can see the latest poll from monmouth university on your screen. former vice president joe biden sitting on top with a double-digit lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. the former texas senator, beto o'rourke. >> we need to be able to bring in new energy. need to be able to bring in new voters. we need to measure the democracy so badly damaged, works for everyone.
1:55 pm
reporter: over the weekend, democratic senators warren, booker and gillibrand all held events in iowa. on monday bernie sanders set for some campaign stops. mike: i had, a solemn tribute to our fallen heroes. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. still nervous about buying uh-oh, la new house.meone's is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance.
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1:59 pm
swept through washington d.c. area thursday did not stop one soldier from honoring fallen heroes. an unidentified soldier planted a u.s. flag at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. during a torrential downpour. known as a flexor money the third infantry traditionally plant flags before memorial day. what a sight. mike: rolling thunder could be taking what could be its final ride.the annual memorial day weekend motorcycle rally happening earlier today in washington. organizes analysis this would be the ride 's lester because the money would rather be spent to help veterans. hector was slick to servicemember site. we have a memorial day special, modern warriors. he will talk to highly venerated veterans.
2:00 pm
they will talk about what memorial day means and that is a pm eastern on fox news. arthel: that does it for us, we remember our heroes current and fallen on this memorial day weekend. thank you.mike: amen. greg gutfeld is next. because i don't want them going out to the press and saying i was anything but to call. i was extremely calm, but like i am right now, so calm and you also meet minutes later but i was at a news conference and externally called the narrative was i was screaming and ranting and raving and it was terrible what was my tone yesterday? >> very calm that was my attitude yesterday? >> [inaudible]. president trump: i'm an extremely, stable genius. [laughter] greg: he did not ask me but i think he's calm. [laughter] ♪


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